JayJays Jungle Bergen Multicam
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A bergen specific for Jungle environments where belt kit is constantly worn.
Sitting on a high density polymer frame and capable of holding 110 Litres.
The bergans’ profile is low in height yet wide enough to cope with large volumes.
This bergan boasts triple pouch system on the front with basha pouch sitting above.
Side pouches long enough to accommodate your perang/machete.
Shaped/formed Molle Top lid accessible from inside or out with protected zip.
Internal mesh pouch suitable for radio, hydration pouch or wet kit at night.
Antenna ports on storm neck.
All pockets/pouches come with storm necks to prevent Rats/animals and help keep kit dry. All come with covered drain holes to prevent infestation.
The renowned JayJays wider straps (no rolling/water retention or turning brittle) as standard.
This is an extremely robust bergen, with no metal work to perish
Weighs in at just 3.35Kg
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