Troopers Commanders Webbing 32-34
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Troopers of Colchester Commanders Webbing Main Features

Waist Size - 32"-34"
1 x Double Ammunition Pouch
3x Utility Pouches
1x Commanders Pouch
1x Smoke Grenade Pouch
Cobra Buckle
Standard side release buckles on Utility pouches
PVC lined to increase water protection

Designed by Troopers highly experienced craftsman, the Commanders webbing set is tough, durable and hard wearing. Designed with ground commanders in mind, the extra large Commanders pouch easily enables the stowage of Commander specific items. It can also be used to carry extra magazines of ammunition. A great affordable option for any situation or task.

This set will fit the standard issue yoke, PLCE yoke, MOLLE yoke or Under armour yoke.
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